BiSTEMS is a young team of researchers and consultants dedicated to the bioenergy transition. We see sustainable biogenic resources as a key to the success of renewable economies and we have the specialty skills needed to interpret and implement your bioenergy vision.

With our technology development pipeline, we aim to offer the plant solutions you need to access the value chains of hydrogen, advanced biofuels and biochemicals, especially in small-scale distributed contexts.

With our process modeling and feasibility evaluation capabilities we build tools to assess new process concepts, and our research experience gives us the competence to lead pilot plant testing and full-scale performance monitoring.

At BiSTEMS we combine a global vision with technical detail, we understand the broader context of your projects and we have the talent it takes to support your ideas from conception to validation.

Get in touch to have a conversation about how we can co-develop future-proof bioenergy concepts and to share your vision with us. We are all ears.