At BiSTEMS we develop solutions for biomass gasification systems than enable access to the hydrogen, biofuels and biochemicals supply chains. Our package includes a modular plant and progressive RD&I services that follow our clients along their transformation.

Our perspective goes beyond complex sequential plant designs and focuses on syngas quality: the real key to added value.

BiSTEMS H2 is the first module of the BiSTEMS solutions family, designed to deliver second-generation syngas with limited plant retrofits while maintaining simplicity of operation and minimizing site development.

BiSTEMS H2 produces syngas with high hydrogen content and low tar accumulation compared to a typical commercial air gasifier. The result is a syngas with the composition you need to tackle hydrogen separation or biofuels and biochemicals synthesis.

Starting from the BiSTEMS H2 modular design, we work with our partners and clients to achieve the process integration options that best fit their needs and we are ready to co-develop complementary proprietary solutions.