We are a team of experts in the field of bioenergy with a track record in the evaluation of project feasibility and in the design and testing of prototype plants. Our sectorial expertise gives us the attention to detail and foresight that you need to implement your vision, while our entrepreneurial perspective and international network can make the difference in helping you shape your projects at a new level. As members of a unique team, we each contribute the best of our talent to deliver the value you are looking for.

Daniele Antolini

Daniele holds a master’s in environmental engineering and a PhD on the optimization of gasification plants operating strategies. During his academic career, he has taken part in several research projects in collaboration with leading European partners and he holds more than 15 years of experience in project coordination for biomass thermochemical conversion and waste treatment technology at several maturity stages. He has been responsible for the procurement, installation, and operation of multiple laboratory and demonstrative setups and has led more than ten monitoring campaigns on full-scale biomass gasification plants in Italy and elsewhere.

Lorenzo Menin

Lorenzo holds a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and is a PhD researcher involved in biofuel process modeling and techno-economic evaluations. As a researcher he has developed specific project evaluation tools for the bioenergy sector and has additionally supported industrial partners in assessing process innovation opportunities. Earlier, he worked in the U.K. as a junior engineer in a cleantech startup and subsequently as a junior consultant for the water sector, supporting the development of innovation projects. He was previously awarded for excellence twice by Imperial College London during his MSc degree.

Stefano Piazzi

Stefano holds a master’s in Energy Engineering and a PhD on the development of thermochemical and catalytic processes for biofuel synthesis. During his academic career he has undertaken an intensive experimental activity on process optimization and has supported additional R&D activities including plant monitoring, product streams analysis and characterization, design, procurement and installation of pilot plants and analytical systems. He also has experience in process simulation and in the economic evaluation of plant reconfiguration options. During his previous undergraduate and postgraduate career, he was awarded twice for academic excellence by the University of Trento.