Our services are designed to support your innovation path in the bioenergy sector, from concept to implementation. Our research skills enable us to understand your project’s objectives, recognize the game-changing details and focus on the technological and operational choices that make a difference.

Feasibility evaluations: we build ad-hoc quantitative tools that fit your concept and help you identify its strengths and weaknesses. We apply techno-economic and life-cycle assessment research methods to project the efficiencies and net present values of your process and identify its best performing internal and external conditions.

Technological assessments and support to R&D: Bioenergy is an innovative sector with plenty of fresh ideas. But which ones are worth special attention? From conceptual assessments to experimental tests, we help organizations navigate arising technological opportunities and process reconfiguration options.

Support to project permitting: We know that getting the equipment on the ground can be challenging sometimes. Through our understanding of bioenergy systems, we can support our clients and partners in the initial permitting phases of their projects, be them demos or full-scale plants.

Process monitoring: As experimental researchers, we have a background in the on-site validation of bioenergy process performance. These skills and experience enable us to lead on-site monitoring campaigns that can be part of optimization, troubleshooting or startup activities, from gas analysis to plant mass and energy balances.

Historical data analysis: We help you assess historical data both from your technical performance and market databases to support your optimization decisions from plant operation to energy markets.